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Words cannot express how grateful both Jamie and I are for your help Mel when dealing with the traumatic experience of having Lexi seized.
We really didn't know who to turn to but thankfully the police officer put us in touch with you for advice and we were supported every step of the way.
It was a very difficult time, particularly for Jamie, but knowing you were at the end of the phone for support was much appreciated.
Lexi is so happy to be home and Jamie is so thrilled to have her back.
Thank you Thank you Thank you - you are a star.
xxxxx kisses from Lexi
Posted By: Gayle McBain
Can't thank Mel and Deed Not Breed enough for the help offered to Jamie and to me at a most distressing time.
When Lexi was taken it was horrendous for Jamie who really did not know where to turn to for help.
The police actually gave us the contact information for Deed Not Breed and we were able to get in touch the very next day.
Mel has continued to support us through this very worrying time. We honestly cnanot thank her enough - words really don't seem enough.
Lexi is coming home but I doubt we would have got through this without Mel. She has given us advice at every step of the way, talking us through the court procedure, how to apply for insurance etc which really is minefield.Thank you Thank you Thank you Mel for everything.
xxxxxxxxx and a big sloppy xxx from Lexi who will be so happy to be going home to Jamie.
Posted By: Gayle Pearson
Still carnt get over ur help mell , i was really scared representing my self in court ,u helped me through that an the scary thing was the cost an again u helped with that ,out ov your own pocket thanks to you i have my beutifull dogs back home with me ,i no you dont accept money but i will spread the word ov your good nature to all my friends who go thought this to save there bull breed dogs THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART XXXXX from Jane Wright owner of Frankie and Lola x
Posted By: Jane Wright
United Kingdom
On the 14th September 2012 my life stopped, I had never cryed so much , my baby boy blue was taken from me by the police, blue was my first pet in the hole 26 yrs I been born so I didn't No much about animals, somebody gave me a blue puppie 5wks old and he told me he was a Irish blue staff,
I was so made up my first puppie and he blue :) I had blue for 14mnths before he got takin when the police saw him and said he was a pit bull type,that was it my life was shattered I didn't think I was going to get him back I didn't think I would ever feel normal again:( felt like somebody had ripped my heart out and stamped all over it! And then I found out about deed not breed, the two mels are the best girls in the world they helped me with everything, the advise they gave me and the reassurance was fantastic , I couldn't of asked for any more the nicest two people I have ever met and spoke to,

They really touched my heart the love they have for dogs is unbelievable , il never forget deed not breed they have really saved my life and finally my heart isn't aking because I no my baby is coming home :) I no when I do get reunited with my baby boy blue it is going to be the best day of my life,( and my family's ) I can't thank the two mels and deed not breed enough,thank you,thank you,thank you Il never for get you's :) all our love adele and the mcfarlane family and blue 'woof woof' xxx
Posted By: Adele McFarlane
United Kingdom
On New Years Day 2012 my life was shattered when my beloved dog Blade was taken away by the Police, he was so very scared and agitated after two weeks of relentless fireworks night after night that he did not even go out of the door most days, he just cocked his one leg outside the door to have a wee, with the other three still inside and his whole body trembling . He obviously needed to venture a little bit further than the door to have more than a wee, however he was so traumatised by the fireworks he was hardly eating. He did his toilet when he was very desperate first thing in the morning when all was pretty quiet, no matter how scared he has ever been he has never attempted to do his toilet in the house. However on new Years Day evening he followed me out when I went to the wheelie bin outside the gate, and not knowing this I accidentally locked the gate without realising that Blade had slipped out behind me. He has never been out of the house without me or without his lead on during his whole ten years, I cannot imagine how scared he must have been out on his own when the fireworks started up again and my worst possible fears were realised when he attacked another dog, things got out of hand very quickly and before long the police were there beating him severely, repeatedly hitting him with their batons and punching him with extreme force, in addition to stamping on his head and and spraying him with chemicals, the more they attacked him the more scared he was and thus the longer he did not let go as his jaw had locked. In no way whatsoever do I excuse him attacking another dog but it was an isolated incident, one mistake in his 10 years on earth and due to extreme circumstances for him. The police took him away directly and I was not allowed to see him for 7 months. I fought for him as best I could during this time, with very limited funds, attending court many times, and to Quote The Script, I prayed to a God that I don't believe in, making deal after deal. I do however very much believe in Angels, and I asked them a million times to give me hope and bring him home, I must have asked my guardian angel a thousand time a day to bring him home. In the end it was not the Angels in Heaven or indeed my own Guardian Angel that heard my prayers and answered them. It was an Angel here on Earth on the other end of a telephone in Nottingham that answered my prayers, this Angel was called Melanie from Deed Not Breed. In essence Deed Not Breed stand for quite the opposite of what my problem posed, however this did not matter to Mel, she recognised that my Blade did not deserve to die and she put her reputation on the line to help us. After seven long months without my baby, who is absolutely my heart & soul and my inspiration, within 3 days of contacting Mel Blade was on his way home. This very special lady did not want any recognition or payment of any kind for helping us, and I know without any doubt that she was overjoyed that Blade was coming home. Although Bladeis not a Pit bull or any other banned breed that she usually stands up for, he is just a little 10 year old very grey Irish Staff who was very very scared and made a mistake, a big mistake but an isolated one. I will never be able to thank Mel enough for what she has done for us but I am hoping she may find at least in some way that I may be able to repay her or help in some way with 'Deed Not Breed' in the future. I owe so much to this lady that if I wrote a million words I could not express how much. Thank you Mel, I will never ever forget how much you have helped me.
Posted By: Kathryn Edge
United Kingdom
Hi Mel and Co
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for how you handled my situation with Juno been seized, only when your in my shoes can you start to imagine how heart retching it is to have your boy or girl taken from you & branded a dangerous animal.
Your expert advise & continued up dates to my situation was invaluable, i don't know if or how i would have got through this without it,Please Please don't stop doing what you do! It means so much to have someone like yourself as a rock, i hope you realise how important you are in this terrible circumstance innocent people & their pets are finding themselves in.
Mel, Thank you so much for doing what you do, Juno is back to his happy self, the only reminder is a glimpse of the ink on his leg as he rolls on his back, leg akimbo with not a care in the world. Kind Regards
Posted By: Martin and Juno
United Kingdom

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