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If you are worried about your dogs appearance and are considering contacting the police, please ring us first for advice and assistance.

07873 666 778 or 07873 666 779

From the Doglaw website

"Back in November we told you there was a High Court case on Breed Specific Legislation regarding a dog called Sky. The advocates for the dog owner were Cathyrn McGahey QC and Pam Rose and the Solicitors were Wheldon Law. The judgment was handed down on 20th December.

It still remains a criminal offence have possession or custody of a non exempted Pit Bull Terrier type dog and it's still a criminal offence to give away or sell a Pit Bull Terrier type dog.

Such a dog can be exempted from the prohibition only if the Court finds that the dog would not constitute a danger to public safety - this assessment requires the Court to consider the temperament of the dog as well as whether the person to have the dog is fit and proper. The Court has said that the person must be either the owner or the person for the time being in charge of the dog (a phrase that is more commonly known as the keeper). So, when an owner can't have the dog, who can be the dog's registered keeper? The Court has said that the concept of being in charge 'relates to whether the person in question has responsibility for the dog' and it 'involves contact in the past or present. It cannot extend to the future'.

We will be presenting live webinars on Breed Specific Legislation when we will explain the law and it will include the practical implications of this judgment. Places cost £10 and the webinar will last up to an hour (incl some Q&A). Dates are : Thursday 25th Jan at 6pm and Friday 26th Jan at 11am. To book your place, go onto or call us during normal office hours on 0800 999 3647."

We've been getting a lot of 'accident claim' calls lately. Could we ask that if you call us for advice you leave us a quick message (either voice or text) so that we know it's a genuine call and not time wasters. We are more than happy to call you back.

You can also contact us via this page or by email to

Thank you

…please keep your dogs safe, make sure they are chipped and tagged and don’t put them in situations they are uncomfortable in. Please ensure they can’t escape from your homes and they’re secure behind a closed door if you’re having lots of visitors.

Dogs don’t get the concept of Christmas and New Year, they don’t understand why suddenly there are thirty drunken people in their living room or why food is being dropped or carried around in the hands of small unsupervised children, and they definitely don’t understand why the world explodes at midnight with fireworks, party poppers and champagne corks

If you are having a party and will be doing your host/hostess with the mostest bit and therefore your dog will not have your utmost attention and other peoples kids/husbands/wifes will be largely unsupervised, please make sure your dog has a safe and secure indoor space with a radio on to drown the noise and a nice chew/bone/toy to occupy them. There have been too many tragedies at this time of year. Please, let’s all keep safe



We all know that we can get into trouble for using a mobile phone when driving, but how many people consider the effect even the presence of a mobile phone can have on other areas of our lives and just what the implications of that could be? Scientific studies have shown that mobile phones affect how our brain functions and its ability to process and react to what is going on around us.

Buster almost lost his life today because the person walking him lost control when they became distracted by their phone. Please don't use your phone whilst walking your dog. We are increasingly seeing phones being the reason for a lapse in concentration and it really could cost your dog his life. Thankfully for Buster, the court today felt that with conditions in place, Buster could go home with a contingent destruction order in place. He was lucky. It really isn't worth the risk not only to your dog but to other dog owners and members of the public .


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