…please keep your dogs safe, make sure they are chipped and tagged and don’t put them in situations they are uncomfortable in. Please ensure they can’t escape from your homes and they’re secure behind a closed door if you’re having lots of visitors.

Dogs don’t get the concept of Christmas and New Year, they don’t understand why suddenly there are thirty drunken people in their living room or why food is being dropped or carried around in the hands of small unsupervised children, and they definitely don’t understand why the world explodes at midnight with fireworks, party poppers and champagne corks

If you are having a party and will be doing your host/hostess with the mostest bit and therefore your dog will not have your utmost attention and other peoples kids/husbands/wifes will be largely unsupervised, please make sure your dog has a safe and secure indoor space with a radio on to drown the noise and a nice chew/bone/toy to occupy them. There have been too many tragedies at this time of year. Please, let’s all keep safe