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Jul 20

Warning regarding companies offering DNA testing for 'pit bulls'

Please be aware of a DNA test being advertised offering an "exemption" DNA test to show that your dog is not a Pit Bull "which can be used in court or with any agency" they also imply that the dogs in the attached photograph have had their test applied saying "Here are a set of...

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May 8

A timely reminder

Now the warmer weather is (hopefully) upon us, it seems a good time to remind everyone of this advice

Hot weather and dogs

As always, should you have any questions or need advice, please contact us

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Apr 7

FREE microchipping for council tenants in the Skelmersdale area!

FREE microchipping for council tenants in the Skelmersdale area! At a recent Microchipping event in Skelmersdale , West Lancashire council officials informed an owner that they were not allowed to have their dog chipped at the event and have since informed them that the dog may no...

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Apr 6

Supporting Roxy – Supporting Responsible Dog Ownership

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A Skelmersdale dog owner is fighting to keep her family pet dog Roxy, after council officials refuse to let Roxy continue to live in her council property.

On 7th March Roxys Owner, Sophie attended a microchipping event run by Dogs Trust. Whilst there, Sophie was approached by...

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