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If you are worried about your dogs appearance and are considering contacting the police, please ring us first for advice and assistance.

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Nov 6

DogLaw Seminar 2017, Lancashire

Deed Not Breed will be hosting a DogLaw seminar in 2017.

Tickets will be on a first come, first served basis and your place will only be confirmed once you have paid.

Presented by Solicitor Trevor Cooper, this seminar is a wide ranging mix of legal issues that are important to...

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Nov 6


We do not share petitions, not because we don't care but because we don't want to mislead people viewing the page that they can be produced at court to support registration; the reason being that the signatories on a petition most likely do not know the owner or the dog personally...

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Nov 6

Francis - a statement by Trevor Cooper

Below is a statement from good friend and colleague Trevor Cooper who as a result of the case of Battersea dog Francis has been subjected to the most vile and disgusting abuse in the last 24 hours by facebook lawyers who clearly do not understand the law relating to strays.

We are...

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Feb 12

Exemption Changes

We are sure there will be other points that spring to mind as we digest the information


There is still the 2 months time limit on contingency orders in order to comply with the rules of exemption however it is now clearly stated that the dog will no longer be exempt if the...

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